Affiliate Program FAQ

How do you get paid?

You get paid once a month, through PayPal, so enter your PayPal email address when signing up.  You need a PayPal account to become an affiliate with Bitcoin University. The payments are managed automatically through WP Affiliate plugin.

How can I make money becoming a Bitcoin University Affiliate?

You will get payments on a recurring basis, as people join Bitcoin University on a monthly or annual basis.  The current price is $47 a month or $495 a year.  You would get 51% of any and all payments received, sent to your PayPal account once a month.

Bitcoin University is guaranteed for 30 days, so in your first month, there can be some chargebacks from sales due to refunds, but this should be well under 5% of total sales.

Also keep in mind that these prices will increase as Bitcoin’s market value, and demand from the mainstream for Bitcoin information, increases.  These prices will increase in Q1 of 2018, so BU prices, and your commissions, are subject to change.

Do you have any materials to help market Bitcoin University?

Click here to go to the page where our banner images can be downloaded.

What do you recommend as ways to promote Bitcoin University?

Use the images, or just place your affiliate link on your social media platforms.  If you said “Discover ‘The Future of Money’ today @ Bitcoin University” and placed your link on your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., that can get you 1-2 sales a month, just doing the basics.  If you want to really bring in a nice passive, monthly income, set up ads on Facebook and Craigslist.

How long is my affiliate link good for?

The cookies will last 45 days per potential customer.  If they aren’t signing up in 45 days, get someone else. There’s a whole world out there of people who need “The Future of Money!”